What we knew yesterday, we struggle to do better today.

We put together minds alike and build a safer, smarter and greener future!

Therefore we use our expertise and our partner’s capabilities in business development within Inteligent Water, Safe & Smart Cities and StartUps.

Management Consultancy is the key from the very first steps of a StartUp to a well established company looking for a different way to develop!

A Mentor, an Adviser, a Consultant will make the difference on your path to success!

Inteligent Water

Water is a basic human right!

As the planet warms, water has become one of the main ways we experience climate change.

Climate change will affect the availability, quality and quantity of water for basic human needs, threatening the effective enjoyment of the human rights to water and sanitation for potentially billions of people. The hydrological changes induced by climate change will add challenges to the sustainable management of water resources, which are already under severe pressure in many regions of the world.

Water does not need to be a problem – She can be the solution.

Charges are not always reflecting the real value of water and this leads to wasteful practices and misues of high quality water.

The digital revolution is firmly embedded in our daily lives from how we interact with each other, to how we manage our finances. The digital revolution is also having a major impact on the water sector, enabling the transition towards a ‘one water’ approach, doing more with less and ultimately decoupling economic growth from water consumption.

A more sustainable and secure water future means moving to the next generation of water systems, which includes embracing digital solutions and the enabling conditions that can support their effective implementation.

That’s a fact, Water is Inteligent, and it has memory It is up to us, the Humans to be Smart enough, to build a future together with Water.


A Start-Up is a holistic system that comprises several inputs on the way to succes.

First is the Ideea!

Then the Team that is going to implement the Ideea:

An Adviser for a good start, a Specialist that will build the business plan around the Ideea, an Accountant that will keep the figures in the right order, a Lawyer, always is safe to have a Legal Counselor and a Mentor with extensive, relevant business experience, highly developed interpersonal skills and teamwork abilities, that will create awareness of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Safe & Smart Cities


A S&SC is a puzzle, a living body that outstretches (develops) on various dimensions:

Time, it needs several years to build a program, a master plan, to convince all parties to work together,

Space, it needs large areas to build on, or zones that could be demolished and rebuilt, - Culture, strong or weak acceptance of change,

Needs, first comes first priority,

Funds, that’s an equation, R = I – Ii, where R = reinvestment funds, I = Income, Ii = Initial investment. For the second, third and next financial exercises R changes Ii

The development of a S&SC is up to his citizens, authorities and planning quality.

What are the main parts of a S&SC puzzle?

  • Educated citizens; educated autorities; educated investors

  • The stronger and more educated the team is, the smarter the City will be!


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